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Mills Adventure Running is an adventure running event organizer. We are specializing in running events that are more than just your average road or trail run. We are currently working on a series of trail and road running events that incorporate a series of obstacles to traverse along the way, allowing the average runner to compete with the faster road racers. 

Our first event of the season will be the Lower Allen Park Adventure Run, a 2.8 mile run with nine different obstacles along the way. This race will give awards to the top 40 runners overall as they cross the finish line. The awards will vary at every race. The race will be timed. All times will be posted on the Mills Adventure Running website.

We will be hosting "one" Adventure Run at Lower Allen Park during the 2012 year. 
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The Current Course Record is 15 minutes 12 seconds. Held by Saleh Ghazali! Congratualtions!
Be the first one to break the course record this June to receive the $50.00 Prize!

The Lower Allen Park Course: 

Our Lower Allen Park course is a trail running event that includes military style obstacles along the way. Along the course you will encounter low crawls, hurdles, water running, twenty pound sand bag carries, and walls to scale just to name a few. See our race course map under our yearly race schedule, and Lower Allen Park Adventure Run.

Race Philosophy: 

Our courses are designed to allow anyone who is tough enough, to excel in our running events. You will need an excellent cardio system as well a strong upper body and overall endurance, but none of these things alone will allow you to do well overall, you will need to be a well rounded athlete. 

What is Adventure Running:

Adventure running is a challenge as well as a running race. Our courses are designed to push you mentally and physically.

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